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The Holiday Class

Layout_Holiday_class_motorhome Holiday_class_motorhomeThis is a truly innovative Motorhome, which combines the economy features of an Entry Level Camper and the typical comfort of large-sized Motorhomes.
 Because of its compact size, the "Holiday Class" allows easy and relaxing driving. It has been studied and designed for all travel requirements and is particularly apt for first-time campers.

With regard to the disposition of volumes and masses, the ratio between the base mechanical unit and the living quarters is well gauged, owing to the very low rear overhang. The living and storage spaces are generously-sized. The berths are comfortable. The driving cab is not adversely affected even when the dinette is converted into a double bed.

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 Winter: €120,00
 Low: €140,00
Middle: €160,00
High: €180,00
 * Daily rates including 24%VAT     


Holiday_class_interior The interior layout of the Motorhome is of the classical type, with ample living volumes and a wealth of standard features. The interior and upholstery have been designed with special care to the requirements of a youthful public. The fresh colours chosen for the upholstery help to give a particularly modern and welcoming atmosphere.
The stoves of the kitchen and the sink are embedded, a solution that usually can't be found on entry level Camper. The wide washroom with separate shower compartment is an additional comfort of the Camper. The large lockers offers huge storage possibilities. EuraMobil

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