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The Family Class

Layout_Family_class_motorhome McLouis_635g_2Large-sized Motorhome models designed for the family and large crews in general.

With superb outfitting and an elegant design, this Camper models ocupy the range of excellence production.
They are fitted on powerful mechanical units and have complete outfitting.

The range includes moderately sized Campers up to truly "maxi" sized models, all with modern and distinctive furnishing and high loading possibility.

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 Winter: €120,00
 Low: €140,00
Middle: €160,00
High: €180,00
 * Daily rates including 24%VAT


McLouis_635g_5 The large-sized overcab models are motor caravans conceived for the family that does not want to fore-go anything on holiday, with a host of clever ideas to make life easier on board. Particularly comfortable also for long journeys, the Family class Motorhome models have an interior layout capable of offering space and hospitality also to large crews. The elegance and distinctiveness of these Campers do not exclude concrete and practical features.
 The cab equipment is truly substantial. The passenger compartment excels in terms of spaciousness with a wealth of accessories for the driving comfort and safety of a nimble vehicle that is easy to drive. The comfortable dinette, generously-sized Overcab-Motorhome and home-sized kitchen offer excellent habitability during the day. McLouis_635g_4
Thanks to the accurate positioning of windows and roof lights, the interior lighting in the Camper is particularly generous and helps to make every moment of the holiday a pleasure. As sturdy and pleasurable outside as in the furnishing, the "Family Class" Campers combine the famous metal structure of the floor panel and the garage cage with a powerful engine, a particularly appropriate choice in large-sized Motorhomes Excellent storage capacity thanks to the large-sized locker.
Strong points:

• Functionality
• Perfectly-sized spaces
• High loading possibilities

• Distinctive upholstery and interior furnishing
• High stability and safety
• Ease of access to the locker-garage
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