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The Comfort Class

Layout_Comfort_class_motorhome Comfort_class_Motorhome_1The "Comfort Class" Campers are suited to any type of crew.

With the convertible dinette, the interior layout is well-planned.
Extreme habitability and a wealth of space devoted to services are striking features.
Aesthetically impeccable with their new upholstery and the latest style of furniture, the interior represents the achievement of the perfect organisation of space for living quarters in a totally human dimension.

The Motorhome has excellent ventilation system and a big garage at the back.

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 Winter: €120,00
 Low: €140,00
Middle: €160,00
High: €180,00
  * Daily rates including 24%VAT


Comfort_class_Motorhome_interior_1 The living area of the Camper is really comfortable and the table can be transformed to a double bed. Has many accessories including wall cabinets, towel rails, and a big fridge 150L. 
The overcab profile Motorhome is spacious inside, and has a big advantage in maneuvering. The backside double wheels gives also driving stability. With typical features of higher range Campers, the Comfort class Motorhome is the best choice for beginners. 


     Strong points:

-Complete outfitting Motorhome for beginners
-Well-planned living quarters
-Highly user-friendly Camper



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