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 The Economy Class  Chassis: Fiat Ducato X250 - 2200cc/110HP                               
Economy__Class_2 lengthEconomy_class_our_vehicle
Winter €100
Low     season2€120
Middle season3€140
High    season4€160
 The Holiday Class   Chassis: Ford Transit F300 2200cc/120HP                                    
Holiday_class lengthHoliday_class_our_vehicles
Winter €120
Low     season2€140
Middle season3€160
High    season4€180
 The Comfort Class  Chassis: Ford Transit 350 2400cc/140HP                                      
Comfort_class Comfort_class_our_vehiclelength
Low    season2€140
High   season4€180
 The Family Class   Chassis: Fiat Ducato 130 MJT - 2300cc/130HP                                
Family_class lengthFamily_class_our_vehicles Winter€120
Low    season2€140
High    season4€180
 The Premium Class Chassis: Fiat Ducato MJT - 2800cc/160HP                               
Premium_class lengthPremium_class_our_vehicles
Low    season2€160
High   season4€200

All prices are per day and includes 24% VAT

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Rantal fleet 
Most of our Camper Rental fleet is up to date, in some cases they are current year models.
The key to an enjoyable Camper Rental in Greece , is that the body type and layout suit your needs.
Once these elements are decided then all other considerations will follow.
So, think about what the Motorhome  will have to do to accommodate your personal needs and interests.
You can select from a wide range of  Motorhomes and explore through their characteristics and technical features. Feel free to make a reservation or inquiry

Rates of hire vary according to season, and of course are higher in the months July and August, the generally accepted "High Season". If you wish to book a Motorhome in High Season, you are strongly advised to book several months in advance as demand far outstrips supply. If you are looking for a good deal, keep in mind that you can get a discount for long term Campervan rental.

The Motorhomes are very easy to drive, and it will only take an hour or two to get used to the fact that it is a larger vehicle. Camper rentals in Greece are all diesel or turbo diesel powered and are very fuel efficient; you can expect to get 25-35 miles per gallon or 8 -12 litre per 100 kilometres on normal driving. All our Campers in Greece come in model sizes from 2 berths to 6 berths, and are equipped with showers and toilets, central heating and a hot water boiler.

Chassis: Ford Transit 350 - Fiat Ducato X250 - 2200cc/2300cc - 110~130HP